Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost in translation, again

Conversation au dîner hier soir.

Tipoulet: "Moi, quand je serai grand, grand, grand, je pourrai avoir des chevals bleus..."
P, qui l'interrompt: "Des 'chevaux', Loulou, quand il y a un cheval, on dit 'cheval', mais quand il y en a deux, trois..."
Tipoulet, interrompant à son tour: "Non, non, non. Des CHEVALS. Des SHOVELS de la sandbox, pour faire des piles of sand."

Et c'est que le début.

Conversation (in french) at dinner yesterday.
Tipoulet: "Me, when I'll be big, big, big, I will have blue chevals*..."
P, interrupting: "Chevaux**, Loulou, when there's only one, you say 'cheval', but when there's two, three..."
Tipoulet, interrupting as well: "No, no, no. CHEVALS. SHOVELS from the sandbox, to make piles of sand.***"

And it's only the beginning.
* 'cheval' is the singular for 'horse'
** 'chevaux' (pronounce shovo) is the plural for 'horses'

*** see actual quote in french version.

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