Saturday, June 23, 2012

The guilty son

Ce soir, les poulets étaient particulièrement "agités", dirons-nous. Fatigués, donc surexcités, hurlants, deux petites tornades*, vous voyez? Overwhelming.

20h28, moi: "Bon maintenant, ça suffit! les loulous, vous me fatiguez! on arrête!"
20h29, Tipoulet: "Maman, moi j'aime ta chemise."

* que j'aime plus que tout au monde, bien entendu.

Tonight, the chicken were particularly "excited", shall we say. Overtired, thus restless, screaming, two little tornadoes*, you see? Overwhelming.
8:28 pm, me: "Okay now! enough, kiddos! you're wearing me out, so stop!"
8:29 pm, Tipoulet: "Mommy, I like your shirt."

* which I love more than anything in the world, obviously.